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It’s never too early to think about summer camp! Every year CDR offers a scholarship available to members who are interested in attending camp. The deadline for the application is February 28.

Registration is already open for CDSS camps. Many weeks will sell out. Don’t wait to register. http://www.cdss.org/programs/dance-music-song-camps/camp-weeks

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We dance mostly New England style contras and other traditional styles every Thursday at Covenant United Methodist Church (MAP). We offer an easy and friendly pre-dance lesson every week around 7:15 for newcomers, and the dance starts at 7:30.


Thursday, February 23, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Maxine McDonald
Band:  Eileen Kalfass and Jane Knoeck

Two splendid and talented musicians on stage tonight:  Eileen Kalfass on fiddle and Jane Knoeck on keyboard.  They are super-talented and super-experienced musicians who have a remarkably varied repertoire.  Calling dances for us is Maxine McDonald, known for her great timing and her excellent choice of dances.

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Casey Carr
Band:  New Brew

Casey Carr is a seasoned caller from Ithaca and New Brew is a band of seasoned musicians.  Great dances and delicious and delightful music with the rich sound of old and new:  Breton, English, and Scottish country, Parisian café tunes, Renaissance bourrées, hot swing, and music rooted in Scandinavia, Canada, New England, and southern Appalachia.  Eileen Kalfass on fiddle, Jane Knoeck on keyboard and accordion, and Tom Santarsiero on guitar, mandolin and foot percussion.


Thursday, March 9, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Chuck Abell
Band:  Over and Under

Chuck Abell is a creative musician and a stalwart supporter of contra bands and callers in Rochester.  Over and Under, a band led by long-time Rochester musician, Roger Cass, will ensure a fine evening of dancing.  Isn’t it great that we have live music every week?

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Bob Nicholson
Band: Continental Drift

Bob Nicholson is a good teacher, an attentive caller, and oh-so-genial at the mic.  Continental Drift is the dynamic duo of Eileen Kalfass on fiddle and Eric Anderson (all the way from Seattle) on keyboard.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Sarah VanNorstrand
Band:  Tim Ball and Andrew VanNorstrand

Two versatile, inventive, and absolutely amazing musicians on stage tonight!  Tim Ball pairs up with Andrew VanNorstrand to bring us outstanding music.  Calling will be one of our very favorite callers, Sarah VanNorstrand.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Donna Hunt
Band:  Open Band

Donna Hunt is a touring caller from Philadelphia.  She’s well-known for her clear teaching and minimalist calling and is sure to bring us some great dances.
Something new this year:  whenever there happens to be a 5th Thursday, we’ll provide an opportunity for musicians to play for our dance as part of  an Open Band.  The band will be solidly anchored by fiddler Eric Rounds and keyboard player Mark Henry.  Musicians interested in joining them on stage should contact Eric  (ebrcaller@yahoo.com) for more information and the set list.

Thursday, April 6, 2017 - Contra Dance

Caller:  Margaret Mathews
Band:  Esteemed Clams

Margaret has been involved in the music and dance scene for many years and her experience shows!  She loves calling to old-time music and will have great dances for the music of the Esteemed Clams:  Kathy Vandemortel on fiddle, Stephen Bland on banjo and Fred Filbrich on bass.

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - Contra Dance


Caller:   Bob Nicholson
Band:  Eileen Kalfass and Harvey Nusbaum

The dance this week is at 58 East Main St. Webster. Please contact Bob Fabinski if you can help transport sound equipment before or after the dance.

Tonight’s a great night to bring your friends:  dancing in an old grange hall with an attentive caller and great music!

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English Country dances are held every Sunday (except 5th Sundays) at First Baptist Church (MAP). Pre-dance intro to English dancing session offered at 6:10 pm for newcomers.



Sunday, February 26, 2017 - English Dance

Caller:  David Smukler
Band:  Eileen Nicholson Kalfass, Laurel Sharp, Jane Knoeck

This trio of top-notch musicians generates excitement on the dance floor whenever they play for us, and David mixes challenge with ease in his selections, besides being such a good teacher.

Sunday, March 5, 2017 - English Dance

Caller:  Sarah VanNorstrand
Band:  Eileen (Nicholson) Kalfass & Jane Knoeck

Wow!  Concentrated talent tonight.  Sarah has an uncanny ability to get dances across clearly and quickly, as well as a delightful & enthusiastic stage presence.  Eileen and Jane are one of our most popular and talented English dance duos  — everyone who dances to their music wants them to come back again!

Sunday, March 12, 2017 - English Dance

Caller:  Melanie Axel-Lute
Band:  Arugula

Many years of experience playing together helps Arugula produce danceable music for us on violin, flute, bass and piano.   Melanie has a fine repertoire of dances and comes all the way from the Albany area to call for us.

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - English Dance

Caller:  Bob Nicholson
Band:  Whimsy

Bob is a genial and supportive caller — always ready to supply extra assistance when needed. “Whimsy” is the newly named (but already experienced together) trio of Laurel Sharp (winds & oboe), Colleen Liggett (mandolin, banjo, recorders, …), and Meg Grindrod (piano), all focussed on making English dance tunes beautiful and interesting.

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - English Dance

Caller:  Dan Seppeler
Band:  Serendipity

Glorious music from Laurie Williams on flute and Barb Seppeler on piano!  Dan’s appetite for finding new dances and tweaking old ones adds interest to his varied programs.

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