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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - Rochester Contra & English on TV

This morning, June 21, 2016, a lively band of CDR dancers met at dawn under the full moon to dance with 13 WHAM & Fox Rochester’s Alexis Arnold.  We had a great time showing Alexis and the television audience what Contra and English Country Dance are all about.  You can see the video on the Fox Rochester web site. Many thanks to Lisa Brown for making the connection with the station and getting the word out, and also to musicians Dick Bolt and Jane Knoeck giving us lively tunes, and to callers Margaret Mathews and Richard Sauvain.

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 2012

2012 President: Kate Baron.

Thanksgiving: 28th – Sarah van Norstrand; David Smukler / Elixir; Noteworthy (Seppler, Sharp, Zager); Frivolity (Ball, Bell, Knoeck)

New Year’s Eve: TBD

Jane Austen Ball: 6th – Tom Amessé / Spare Parts; Serendipity at a private club

Masquerade Ball: 4th – Richard Sauvain; Pamela Goddard / TBD at Harmony House

Other: –

Saturday, December 31, 2011 - 2011

2011 President: Kate Baron.

Thanksgiving: 27th – Rebecca Lay; Katy Heine / The Groovemongers; Tempest

New Year’s Eve cancelled in favor of the Syracuse dance, since the day fell on their regular dance date

Jane Austen Ball: 5th –  at a private club

Masquerade Ball: 3rd – Richard Sauvain; Pamela Goddard / Happy Endings: Eileen Nicholson (violin), Rachel Bell (accordion) & Jane Knoeck (piano) at Harmony House

Other: –

Friday, December 31, 2010 - 2010

2010 Presidents: Dan Cooper-Vince; followed by Bob Fabinski for two months when Dan left for school.

Thanksgiving: 27th – Will Mentor; David Millstone / The Figments; TuneScape

New Year’s pre-Eve, 12/30: Sharon Perry / Tunescape

Jane Austen Ball: 4th – Judi Rivkin / Persuasion (R. McCallum, J. Knoeck, R. Bell) at a private club

Masquerade Ball: 2nd – Richard Sauvain; Pamela Goddard / Confluence (Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Barbara Dyskant, Tim Ball) at Harmony House

Other: – New Scheduler: Sharon Perry.

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 2009

2009 President : Dan Cooper-Vince

Thanksgiving: 26th – Carol Ormand; Pam Goddard; Richard Sauvain / Notorious; Riverbend

New Years Eve: 4th – Bob Nicholson / TuneScape

Jane Austen Ball: 3rd – Joanna Reiner / Lost in Austen (P. Morrissett, J. Kleppel, R. Truscello) at a private club

Masquerade Ball: 1st – Sauvain & Goddard / music by Tim Ball, Jane Knoeck, and Rachel Bell, at the Roger Robach Community Center.

Other: -Gift of new sound equipment from anonymous donor; Tony Hernandez “retires” from weekly sound duties on his relocation to Connecticut; formation of the CDR Sound Collective, led by Bob Berch

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 - 2008

2008 President: Jane Knoeck

Thanksgiving: 25th – Kathy Anderson; Judy Greenhill / Notorious; TuneScape

New Years Eve: 3rd – Sarah Van Norstrand / Great Bear Trio

Jane Austen Ball: 2nd – Joanna Reiner / Firefly (R. McCallum, J. Knoeck, C. DeGolyer, S. Sorensen) at Cutler Union Ballroom, MAG

Other: – Rebecca McCallum steps down as scheduler, after 9 years of dedicated service, replaced by Paul Novak

Monday, December 31, 2007 - 2007

2007 President: Jane Knoeck

Thanksgiving: 24th – Bob Isaacs / Crowfoot; Groovemongers

New Years Eve: 2nd – Bob Nicholson / Great Bear Trio

Jane Austen Ball: 1st – Judi Rivkin / Step Lightly (J. Crouch, E. Hazzard-Watkins, A. Patton) at Cutler Union Ballroom, Memorial Art Gallery:

Other: -English dances switch from monthly to twice a month

Sunday, December 31, 2006 - 2006

2006 President: Judy Bezon

Thanksgiving: 23rd – Nils Fredland / Elixir, Contradictions; White Hots

New Years Eve: Bob Nicholson / Great Bear Trio

Other: – CDR 30th Anniversary
– Admission raised to $7 members / $8 others
– Katie Sauvain, daughter of Richard Sauvain & Sharon Emerson, begins calling, playing for, and organizing dances while a freshman at Swarthmore

Met at CDR:
Kathleen Doyle & David Hart – met at CDR contra dancing. Kathleen had been dancing since ’89, and David used to drive his daughter and her School of the Arts friends to CDR, loved listening to the music, but was shy about dancing. He finally decided to try dancing in 2006, noticed Kathleen, and after a few weeks, asked her to dance; married Oct. 2007

Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 2005

2005 President: Sharon Perry
Thanksgiving: 22nd – Nils Fredland / Groovemongers, Great Bear Trio; White Hots – at Salem United Church of Christ

Friday, December 31, 2004 - 2004

2004 President: Sharon Perry
Thanksgiving: 21st – Mary Keith Cornett / Kaynor, Unger & Schneckenberger, Great Bear Trio; White Hots – at Salem United Church of Christ

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