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Thursday, July 21, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Chuck Abell
Band:  Robin Osgood, Norman Rodham, and Curt Osgood

ALTERNATE SITE AND EARLIER TIME TONIGHT!  We will be dancing at First Baptist, 175 Allens Creek Road (MAP) from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. 

Robin Osgood danced her first contra in Rochester in 1992. She and husband Norman are touring WNY, so we are delighted to have her play at her first “home dance”.   Norman plays guitar, bodrhan, cittern, bones and foot percussion. Robin plays fiddle. Come dance to Celtic, Quebecois, and traditional New England Contra music.  They are joined by Robin’s brother, Curt Osgood on Dulcimer. We are delighted to have our own Chuck Abell calling tonight.

Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Clinton Ross

Band:  George Wilson and Jane Knoeck

Clinton is a touring caller who will treat us to contras from his large collection of dances.   George Wilson is a super-talented, dynamic fiddler from Eastern New York, and will team with Jane Knoeck to play revolutionary new tunes on this Bastille Day!

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Colin Hume
Band:  Calliope

A fantastic treat from across the pond – Colin Hume is visiting from England. He is a world-renowned caller who will teach contras and other formations that are popular in England.

Touring with Colin is a wonderful band called Calliope from New England.  The complete band of Calliope is: Amy Cann (Violin, Viola, Piano), Richard Salvo (Clarinet) Carol Compton (Piano) Bruce Randall (Trombone, whistles and recorders), Marco Brehm (Bass), Vince ODonnell (Fiddle) and Norm Spencer (accordion).  We will have a subset of these talented musicians, and it will be sure to be a great dance!

Thursday, June 30, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Bob Fabinski
Band:  Ensoleil

Ensoleil (pronounced “on-so-lay”) is a group of recent graduates of the Music Composition Department  from the University of Michigan’s School of Music with Nadine Dyskant-Miller on flute and feet, Christine Hedden on fiddles, Tanner Porter on voice, cello and guitar, and Annika Socolofsky on voice, fiddle and bouzouki.  This band is touring the northeast and we are delighted that they are passing through Rochester.  We remember Nadine from her days with TuneScape and Confluence; we’ve missed hearing her absolutely phenomenal flute playing.  Our own Bob Fabinski has an outstanding dance program planned–be sure to join us tonight.

Thursday, June 23, 2016 - Contra Dance

Special Dance

Callers:   Eric Rounds and the Rochester Callers’ Collective
Bands:  Blackthorn Ceilidh Band and Rounds/Henry/Williams

This Thursday, 6/23/2016, is the 40th anniversary of the first official CDR Contra Dance and we will be celebrating!  We are fortunate to have the same band that played on 6/23/76.  Imagine that!  There will be door prizes, special treats, and some historical flashbacks.

The first half of the evening will feature Eric Rounds calling with Blackthorn Ceilidh Band. They are planning to call/play Petronella, so if you’ve never danced it but always hear about “spin one place, as in Petronella,” here is your chance to learn why that terminology is used.

The second half will feature members of the Rochester Callers’ Collective with music by Eric Rounds, Mark Henry, and Brian Williams.  More great music and their favorite dances.

Stick around and socialize with the Blackthorn Ceilidh players–let them know how much you appreciate their participation in the early days with the Country Dancers of Rochester–an organization that has held weekly dances for 40 years!

If you have memorabilia to add to our historical display, bring it to the dance or email peggy@cdrochester.org

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Margaret Mathews
Band:  Over and Under

Led by piano-playing Roger Cass, Over and Under is a long-standing local band.  Lots of good music tonight!

Calling by Margaret Mathews

Thursday, June 9, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Michael Kernan
Band:  Snow-Date

Snow-date is a traveling band with Julia Hartman on fiddle, Jean Monroe on piano and percussion and Bruce Randall adding all those extra notes.  Michael Kernan comes to us from Eastern NY with a great collection of dances.

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Bob Nicholson
Band:  Eileen Nicholson, John Wobus, Casey Murray

Bob Nicholson is a genial, experienced caller from Syracuse whose clear teaching and “just enough” calling ensures for a fun evening.  Dynamic fiddler Eileen Nicholson has been traipsing all over North America, dazzling dancers with her energetic fiddling.  Joining her tonight is John Wobus on piano and Casey Murray on Cello.  Fiddle and piano are a classic and long-standing musical combination, and with a powerhouse cellist like Casey, this will be a contra dancing trifecta.

Thursday, May 26, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   Chuck Abell
Band:  Food for Thought

Our caller tonight is locally grown but now tours up and down the east coast.  He’s joined on stage with enthusiastic fiddler Daphne Kanack and amazing cello played by Casey Murray.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - Contra Dance

Caller:   David Smukler
Band: Ginger Majority

David Smukler from Syracuse is a skillful and efficient teacher.  He is paired tonight with a super-talented young band, Ginger Majority led by cellist Casey Murray.

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